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Did you know that an estimated 5.2 million deaths worldwide were attributable to inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption in 2013 alone?

Source: World Health Organisation

Follow Max MacGillivray and his team as they motorbike from London to Cape Town later this year! En route they will be visiting amazing farms and fresh produce growers to educate kids and their families on great fresh food!

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With ongoing childhood obesity and health issues globally, combined with more food businesses looking to sell high margin sugary drinks and snack products to an ever younger audience, we want to make a difference.

Did you know…

  • The cost of obesity to the NHS in the UK is £5 billion per year
  • Fruit & Veg consumption are critical to tackling type two diabetes
  • Obesity is the number 3 global social burden after smoking and war/terrorism
  • The UK consumes 240g of fruit and veg a day but the recommendation is 400g
  • Children consume up to 85% more fruit and veg when they have fun names or shapes

Great Fruit Adventure

We want to get kids excited and knowledgeable about fresh food, adventure and Africa! Join us and help spread the word to make this change for our next generation.

Can you help...

Max & his team are looking for contacts for inspiring growers in Africa they can visit. They are also looking for assistance for all of their various motorbike, travel and filming requirements as well as key retailers/food suppliers plus media groups to help raise the publicity and the healthy eating aims of the trip. Please get in contact if you can help.

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Kids Country Food and Farming Day

Home NEW by The Great Fruit Adventure | Mar 17, 2016 What a fantastic day we all had at the Kids Country Food and Farming Day @ East Of England Showground on Friday 1st July in the African Village. Last count I had 487 kids individually sit on one of our trip...
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Fruit World Media write up

Many thanks to Fruit World Media for this great article – The Great Fruit Adventure: A new idea for everybody who is bored by ‘5 a day’ Facebook posts Here is one of the first announcements about Pink Lady getting fully behind Max & Gareth &...

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The London Produce Show

See some of the great supporters we had at The London Produce Show at The Grosvenor last week! Many thanks to them all and all of their support that they have all offered. Facebook posts Here is one of the first announcements about Pink Lady getting fully behind Max...

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What an evening we have just had!

What an evening we have just had! Karting in the dark…well nearly! With over 18 teams attending, the 1 1/2hr race @ Wildtracks was frantic and thrilling with Ivan Walsh and his team coming 1st, followed by the boys from G’s gaining 2nd and Clive Williamson...

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The UK Fruit and Veg Congress

Busy today on our stand at “FPJ LIVE – The UK Fruit & Veg Congress” @ The Belfry! See some of the industry names on one of our trips bikes! Facebook posts Here is one of the first announcements about Pink Lady getting fully behind Max &...

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Fact finding trip to Morocco

Max MacGillivray has been on a fact finding tour this week in Agadir in Morocco as part of the route planning for the trip later this year. He checked out the Atlas Mountains, the making of the traditional argan oil as well as the fresh produce markets (Souks). He...

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Current location

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Here is one of the first announcements about Pink Lady getting fully behind Max & Gareth & the aims of The Great Fruit Adventure! CLICK TO VIEW THE FULL STORY ... See MoreSee Less

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Brilliant day for Max MacGillivray today at South Lee School in Bury St Edmunds when he presented to the pupils with the local MP Jo Churchill also in attendance. Great fun was had by one and all the message of healthy eating and The Great Fruit Adventure was definitely put across! Many thanks to Miss Coventry and Mr Watch of South Lee and to Jo Churchill and Lesley Canham for all of their assistance for Max’s talk! ... See MoreSee Less

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Max had a great morning at Brampton Village Primary School near Huntingdon in the UK when he told all of the pupils about The Great Fruit Adventure! Many thanks to Headmaster Peter Allen and to Vhari Russell of fame for making the introduction. And thank you also to Mr Church for being a willing “victim” as part of the presentation! Tomorrow it is South Lee School at Bury St Edmunds and the local MP, Jo Churchill will also be attendance to see Max’s talk. ... See MoreSee Less

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