Expeditions such as The Great Fruit Adventure are a great way to learn about the world, where fresh food comes from as well as healthy living. Max and Gareth loved sharing their own passion and experience with schools along the way and we hope that you enjoyed following their epic journey from London to Cape Town. There are lots of ways to keep the learning going… perhaps covering Africa and fresh produce in a topic at school or getting the children to ask some questions about Max and Gareth’s adventure. Whatever it may, we would love to hear from you and keep the learning journey going.

Drawing Competition

Please draw us a mascot for our ‘Great Fruit Adventure’ book series and WIN a signed copy of the book and 6 copies for your school library.

Book at Visit from The Adventurers

If you and your school would like the chance to meet Max and his adventure motorbike and hear first-hand about his trip get in touch with us! Max is extremely passionate about what he has seen and learnt and is great at passing that message on to children in a fun but educational way. You might even get to sit on the motorbike and have your photograph posted on here!

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Ask the team a question

If you have a question to ask Max and Gareth about their trip, please pop it in the box below and they will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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2 weeks ago

The Great Fruit & Veg Adventure

See our Max MacGillivray and his weekly VLOG talking about fresh food in Padstow in Cornwall and the upcoming Grower Led Seasonal Workers Summit arranged by Carol Ford of Goatham's 😊😊

Redfox Executive Selection Ltd
This week’s VLOG from Max MacGillivray and Redfox Executive Selection Ltd. It’s all about Padstow aka Padstein (!) and the upcoming Growers Led Seasonal Workers Summit arranged by Carol Ford & Goatham's

For all the info on our current roles or to find that special individual for your business see our website by clicking here -

To find out more about the Grower Led Seasonal Workers Summit on Wed 7th Nov in Kent - CLICK HERE -

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3 weeks ago

The Great Fruit & Veg Adventure

See our Max MacGillivray and his weekly VLOG for Redfox Executive Selection Ltd. Nice turbines! 🤣

Redfox Executive Selection Ltd
In this weeks VLOG from our Max MacGillivray Redfox Executive Selection Ltd, Max cannot work out where to film…yet again (!)….and also discusses how to get out of the spiral of the “race to bottom” by constructing a plan …a plan for your business.


To see all of our top roles discussed, or find out how we can source you the highest calibre individuals for your business, just visit the Redfox website by clicking this link –

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