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Team members

Max MacGillivray

Max MacGillivray

Max is the founder of The Great Fruit Adventure. He is passionate about great healthy food and has an extensive background in Farming and Fresh Produce. His day job is running a recruitment and training business with a great team sourcing and training people for fantastic food business in the UK and Internationally. Having planned the trip for the past three years, Max wanted to create an event that would make a difference to kids and their families by promoting the virtues of fresh food and healthy eating. Follow him and follow the ride.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

Gareth has been riding a variety of motorbikes all of his adult life and has toured extensively around Europe for the last 25 years. His great claim to fame is that in 2015 he completed a 6 month 21,000km solo ride around Southern Africa on a 1951 Harley Davidson! He is passionate about the dairy sector and runs a milk delivery company with his brother that was started by their grandfather in 1928. Still an independent business they proudly deliver milk to over 3000 customers in the Vale of Glamorgan and still in the traditional electric milk floats. So with petrol, milk, and African dirt in his veins, Gareth enjoyed travelling across Africa again (!) and meeting the fascinating people, growers and producers of great fresh food.

“I want to tell the story of the fantastic places where our fruit and veg is grown and the people who grow it to help young people understand that it doesn’t just magically appear on the supermarket shelves.

“It was an epic and challenging journey. I have ridden motorbikes on farms in the UK and Australia but not on such an extensive trip, which is one of the great challenges. “

“What we now need is for people to support us and allow us to do the work to bring the message to schools in the UK and Internationally now that we are back.”

Max MacGillivray

The route

The two intrepid explorers set off on an epic trip across Europe and Africa to raise awareness of the importance of fruit and veg and where it comes from.

Starting in November, Max MacGillivray and Gareth Jones motorbiked their way from London all the way to Cape Town, South Africa, visiting a huge range of fruit and veg growers along the way.

Their plan was to chronicle their story – and more importantly the story of the growers – to help raise awareness of how fruit and veg gets from where it is grown to British shop shelves.

The Great Fruit Adventure was the brainchild of fruit industry veteran Max who was dismayed when he discovered six out of 10 UK children had no idea where the fruit and veg they eat comes from.

Shocked by the figures, he came up with the idea of the trip to help educate UK children, tackle the nation’s ignorance and teach them that fruit and veg doesn’t just grow on trees (well, not all of it!).

Max said: “Fresh Produce is my lifelong passion and I’ve put my heart and soul into the industry so I was dismayed to read that six out of 10 British children had no idea where the fruit and veg they eat comes from. Something had to be done.”

That’s where the idea of the Great Fruit Adventure came from.

Max and Gareth set off from a formal send off in London at the start of November 2016, travelling via Spain, North West Africa and then down the Eastern side of Africa onto South Africa itself finally arriving in Cape Town in late February 2017.

Along the way they visited the likes of key citrus growers in Spain, the largest grower of sweetcorn in Senegal, an amazing fruit grower in Ghana that supplies Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with prepared fruit products, amazing growers of flowers in Ethiopia and Mozambique, key exotic vegetable and coffee growers in Kenya as well as Tanzania and all of the beauty that South Africa offers in the total range of fresh produce!

Now that they have returned, the team will visit schools and colleges and attend events across the country to tell their story and spread the word about their epic journey – and the journey that fruit and veg goes through every day to find its way on to our plates.

Great Fruit Adventure trip map

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The Great Fruit Adventure is a non-profit campaign and all proceeds raised after the cost of the trip will go to a select number of African facing nominated charities.