Our Trip Ambassadors

We looked to find key people who could help us with the aims of our trip and to also promote it far and wide. So a drum roll and a massive big thank you to the following individuals who have helped us get the show on the road!

kevin sanders
Kevin Sanders – Founder of GlobeBusters

Kevin is the Founder of GlobeBusters and he is one of the world’s leading adventure motorcycle tour Leaders. It is doubtful that anyone can match his credentials in terms of motorcycling miles across the planet, whilst leading teams of riders.

Kevin has two Guinness World Records™ for global motorcycling. He has circumnavigated the world by motorcycle twice, has ridden the Trans Siberian Highway, the Pan American Highway eight times and the Silk Road across Tibet & China seven times. As well as this, he has led rider teams in Southern Africa, Australia, India, South East Asia, South America – let’s just say, there aren’t many places he hasn’t ridden a motorcycle!

Kevin’s instructional skills are also highly recognised. He is a RoSPA Advanced Diploma Instructor and BMW AG Accredited Road Instructor. In 2006, he founded BMW Rider Training for BMW Motorrad UK and was Director of Rider Training until 2013, as well as being Director of BMW Tours from 2011-2013 before stepping down to solely focus on GlobeBusters. He and his wife Julia have been instrumental in setting up and prepping Max & Gareth in terms of bike and training requirements to make all aspects of the trip a success. He wishes he could accompany the boys but he has his own trips to run with GlobeBusters!

michelle toft
Michelle Toft - Chief Marketing Officer at Coregeo

Michelle and her team look after Pink Lady® in the UK and Europe and she is very proud to be supporting and partnering The Great Fruit Adventure in its role as an Ambassador.

Her view is that this a pioneering challenge which will raise awareness of where the UK’s fruit and veg come from and put the spotlight firmly on encouraging healthier eating habits. As the UK’s largest fresh produce brand, they are passionate about fresh food and the importance of healthy eating and take great pride in backing initiatives that allow us all to spread this message as far and as wide as possible. This inspiring 10,000-mile journey will also put European and African farmers on the map and highlight some of the serious issues facing our fresh produce growers.

Pink Lady® has a reputation for developing eye-catching and ground-breaking PR and marketing campaigns across all media platforms which have helped to turn the product into the number one household fresh produce brand name. There is a natural synergy between the values associated with Pink Lady® and The Great Fruit Adventure which makes this partnership a great match. Coregeo®, the Master Licensor for Pink Lady®, is responsible for championing and cultivating fresh produce brands to develop them into household names. Michelle and her team will use their expertise and extensive network to promote The Great Fruit Adventure throughout this epic journey. As well as providing sponsorship for the four-month trip, Pink Lady® will support the venture with a high profile marketing and PR campaign.

The Great Fruit Adventure is an exciting way to connect with schoolchildren and engage them in thinking about where food comes from, the problems faced by European and African farmers and why it’s important to eat fruit and vegetables. There has never been a more appropriate time to partner an initiative like this with concerns around rising childhood obesity levels.

Good luck Max and Gareth from Michelle and all of the team at Coregeo and Pink Lady®!

Janet Milner-Walker
Janet Milner-Walker from Emerald40

The Great Fruit Adventure” struck a chord in Janet for three reasons. Firstly, because she loves helping and educating people. Secondly because she is interested in the correlation between fresh produce and beauty and well-being products. Ingredients in fresh produce, like Marula, Mango Oil, Shea Butter, and Rooibos, provide beneficial hydrating and anti-oxidant properties to many beauty products. Thirdly because the word “adventure” appeals to her love of travel. The journey takes place across Africa culminating in Cape Town, South Africa, a city she once lived in and loves.

Born in South Africa she has taken many a road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town through the Karoo and along the Garden Route, and she once lived on a citrus plantation in Swaziland and a sugar cane farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal. South Africa has breathtaking beaches, mountains and wine farms. The diversity of vegetation, abundance of fruit and vegetables across the African continent and the sincerity and warmth of local people is hard to forget. Having travelled extensively and despite having lived in the UK for 15 years, Janet still cites Cape Town as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and calls South Africa “home”.

An explorer at heart she has lived in numerous cities across 3 continents. Her career has enabled her to combine her passion for meeting people and supporting them in developing their creative ideas, with her love of travel. Her work has taken her across Africa, Europe, Middle East, America and the Far East.  From a speedy journey on the Bullet Train to visit Kanebo in Japan, to a wintery road trip across US states when volcanic ash brought transatlantic flights to a standstill and more recently to meet with luxury spas and hotels in Dubai.

Janet built her career in buying, product development and marketing of beauty and luxury goods. She is now a director of Emerald40, a UK based consultancy she founded in response to an increasing demand from clients to support them in creating their ‘own brand beauty products’. Working with brands across retail, travel and hospitality, she delivers strategic consultancy and end-to-end beauty product development services to an international client base.

Janet is delighted to be an ambassador for “The Great Fruit Adventure”. She believes that sharing stories and facts of how fresh produce is sustainably grown, sourced and shipped from fields around the world to our homes, and communicating the nutritional benefits fresh produce offers to our health and our well-being is of great value to future generations.

Susie Emmet
louise labuschagne
Louise Labuschagne – The Real IPM Company

Louise and Henry Wainwright first set off on their own epic adventure in Africa in January 2000, when they came to work for a commercial flower and vegetable export company that sold most of its produce into UK supermarkets.

At that time, food retailers were beginning to require suppliers to reduce chemical pesticides by implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Louise and Henry went to Kenya to head up the IPM programme and ended up not only setting up a bug production company for the export company but by 2004 they had left them and ventured out on their own to set up an independent biocontrol company called The Real IPM Company Kenya Ltd.

They now employ more than 240 people and export their good bugs and good fungi and bacteria to many different African countries, including all the countries visited by the Great Fruit Adventure.

At their farm in Thika, just outside Nairobi, they have greenhouses where predatory mites are bred and packed up to be sent all over the world to attack pests that damage farmer’s crops. They also built a large laboratory where microbiologists produce environmentally friendly microbes that kill pests without harming the beneficial insects, bees or the environment. Together, these natural crop protection agents are helping to reduce the amounts of chemical pesticides being used on crops whilst conserving natural enemies, protecting waterways and making sure that consumers are not having to eat so many chemical resides on their fruits, and vegetables.

paul fieldhouse
Paul Fieldhouse @misterconnector

Paul is an independent business adviser. Since 2000 he has been working closely with CEO’s, boards and senior management teams to help deliver sustainable and profitable development. His unusual mix of retained clients operate in professional services – legal and accountancy, food machinery, construction and food production.

In his former business career which started in 1972 selling Colman’s Mustard he went on to become CEO of the UK chilled food business for Hillsdown Holdings – the sandwich and salads business sites of which are now owned by Greencore.

His interest in The Great Fruit Adventure is personal too as he has one daughter who lives in Zimbabwe who is married to the general manager of a fresh fruit company and his other daughter is in the supply of freshly roasted coffee, some of which is grown in Africa!

carol ford
Carol Ford, Commercial Director AC Goatham & Son

Carol Ford holds an MBA and she is Commercial Director at AC Goatham & Son, one of the UK’s largest apple and pear growers. Carol and the team are challenging and changing the boundaries that have previously held back this sector of the fresh produce industry, by introducing new ways of thinking, working and direct relationships with customers and the end consumer.

Carol’s energy and enthusiasm for the business and the sector are contagious and her role as a trip ambassador and her support for the Great Fruit Adventure is greatly appreciated by Max and the team.

Carol’s long career spanning over 20 years in the fresh food and fresh produce industry began at Sainsbury’s as a retail buyer, managing the purchase of fresh, chilled and frozen food products. Since then she has held a number of senior UK, pan European and global roles within the fresh food and fresh produce sector, for multinational organisations, before setting up her own business in 2010.

Carol joined the team at AC Goatham & Son in 2014 after working alongside them as a consultant, to lead and guide their business transition and growth strategy. Carol’s ability to devise and deliver operational and commercial strategic growth plans for growers and producers makes her stand out in the sector.

When Carol isn’t working she can be found clocking up the miles cycling on her faithful road bike or finding ways to inspire future generations of the fresh produce industry.

Amy Lance
Amy Lance @flying_fruit

Amy is a Fruit Buyer for Waitrose. She has been working for the past 8 years for UK Supermarkets including Waitrose and Tesco.

Entering in to this industry with a Biomedical Science degree was slightly unusual, although it provided the perfect platform for Amy to develop a passion for Fresh Produce, Sustainability and Global Agriculture.

Amy has gained a wide experience across the Retail industry by undertaking roles within the Technical and Commercial departments, always driven by her passion for Fruit, Vegetables, Salad and Horticulture crops.

Many people imagine breaking away from their day job, leaving the structure and security of an office job to try something different, exciting and ultimately do work that they love.

For the next 12 months Amy will be doing exactly that, spending her time far from the UK and far from her home comforts. The next year will take her to farms in rural California, Senegal and South Africa to experience growing Fresh Produce first hand.

Amy will be following the fruit that she has been purchasing in the UK, on behalf of Waitrose, back to it’s source to understand the supply chain in a far greater detail, learning from the farmers, analysing and investigating opportunities to minimise post harvest losses, working closely with local communities and helping farms to identify future challenges and opportunities.